Aged 4, I discovered an attraction to the colour red while at the village harvest auction. So I bought those tomatoes with my 2p.

Aged 6, I decided to draw a cat. Everyone said I was an 'artist', so I became one.
 I imagined myself as a bald, bearded, portly 50 yr old (holding a paintbrush) looking at my mirrored reflection in a dark room with a strong light source coming from one side. Years later I would see Sickert's painting of Victor Lecour. Or had I already seen it?

Aged 9 , I went to BSC and was taught by an Art teacher who looked very much like the portrait of Victor Lecour, and he said so.

Aged 15, I suspended a rubber (that's an eraser, American readers) on pins. It was a thing of beauty, and I knew I had become an artist, a state from which I knew I would never unbecome.

Then lots of other things happened, like:

  • making the 'jetty' maquette which Tracey Emin would later present in full scale at the Tate Gallery

  • attempting, and failing to create the real Glass Bead Game

  • exhibiting some air

  • embarking on a mission to reclaim Pop Art from a festering void

  • etc. You know, the usual things...

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